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UTAS Masterplan Uncovered

The Save UTAS Campus Inc. steering committee is fortunate to have access to many experts in their field. Some of our supporters have spent time reviewing the latest iteration of the UTAS Masterplan by Precinct.


They have used their skills to create simplified explanations of what is being proposed for each precinct, along with hand drawings which provide insight into which buildings are being retained, which are being demolished and what will replace them.

The buildings in the image to the right are set to be demolished.


As each precinct is reviewed, it will be uploaded to this page.

Precincts Uncovered

Precincts Uncovered

Technical information

The UTAS Masterplan drawings and isometrics are best viewed enlarged on the computer screen to at least 300%, as it is easier to discern the number of floors and other details in the drawings. (Page 6 (plan) and page 9 (isometric), Reimagine Sandy Bay – Engagement #4)


see Reimagine Sandy Bay: Engagement Summary #4, December 2021.

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