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Legislative Council UTAS Inquiry

This inquiry is in response to a range of issues relating to the functions and power of the University of Tasmania that have been raised with Legislative Council members. Given the Tasmanian Parliament is responsible for the University of Tasmania Act 1992, an inquiry is an appropriate framework to examine aspects of the Act and will provide an opportunity to consider matters relating to the university’s governance and decision-making processes. This inquiry will provide a formal and transparent platform for a full examination of the issues as outlined in the Terms of Reference. Submissions must relate to the Terms of Reference. The select committee tasked with this inquiry will report back to the Tasmanian Parliament and will make recommendations based on the evidence presented.

Submissions closed on 29 August 2022. The Legislative Council of Tasmania received a total of 149 submissions from a wide range of people representing the community, academics, business and local government. All submissions have been published on the Legislative Council website.

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