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Other Useful Documents

Hansard Legislative Council Report of Debates - UTAS p.52


Legislative Councl UTAS Inquiry - How to make a submission


Natural Values Report - Surrounding Sandy Bay Campus

Hobart City Council - Central Hobart Precincts Plan 

UTAS' plan for Sandy Bay 

UTAS' plan for the City


Tips for writin to the Premier


Watkins, Black letter to staff and students following elector poll result


Dai-Ichi, Investment in Green Bond Issued by the University of Tasmania 24Mar22

A troubling future for Tasmania’s University _ Max Atkinson 16Nov22

School of Natural Sciences - Engagement Survery September 2022

SUC letter to University Council calling for resignation, November 2022

Watkins response to call for resination, November 2022

Unpublished letters and responses to politicians , December 2022

Media release, 7 December 2022

UTAS revised DA 83 Melville Street, representation dot points - Peter Bicevskis

Level 1 and 2 Forestry Building sightline drawings - Peter Bicevskis

UTAS panel little more than a PR excercise

Each time UTAS vows to do better - Fletcher Clarke

Act now to do what's best for all Tasmanians - Michael Foster

Contact List

Useful quantitative data, Jeff Malpas

SUC Mailout Flyer_May23

Sandy Bay/Mount Nelson Neighbourhood Plan discussion Paper Dec2023

UPDATED Sandy Bay/Mount Nelson discussion paper suggested ideas for feedback_14Dec23

Sandy Bay/Mount Nelson Flyer for residents_14Dec23

SBMN Neighbourhood Plan Discussion Paper response from PB and PS_ Dec23

Significant and Collectables Inventory UTAS Dec23

SaveUTAS submission to HCC MNSB Neighbourhood Plan_Jan24

HCC MNSB Neighbourhood Plan submission - Ian Johnson Feb24

HCC MNSB Neighbourhood Plan submission - Peter Bicevskis Feb24

SaveUTAS call Libs UTAS policy a scam

Legislative Council Elections SaveUTAS voting guide

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